The Streaky Story is the fifth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


While flying over the city which is seemingly quiet, Krypto, while looking for a fire hydrant, catches sight of Streaky being chased by a group of vicious dogs, and saves him from their grips. Streaky who ends up being saved by Krypto and escapes the grips of his overbearing owner and escapes into the alleyway where he's met by the dogs yet again. He escapes into the park where Kevin happens to be playing little league and Krypto comes to his rescue yet again. Unfortunately, Streaky escapes into S.T.A.R. Labs. where he crashes into a duplicator laser and it shoots at Krypto, but it reflects off him and onto Straky. The next day, they both find out the laser copied Krypto's powers onto Streaky. Streaky learns a good lesson of responsibility once he gains Krypto's powers and learns that revenge doesn't always feel good when he strikes back at the dogs, accidentally crumbling an abandoned building nearly killing them but saves them once he learns of the consequences of his actions and agrees to become a superhero with Krypto


  • Streaky's origin story is told here. Since this episode was not aired in the correct chronological order, there is a discrepancy with "A Bug's Strife" where Streaky is already shown with powers. That episode was aired prior to this one.
  • This episode has the first appearance of the Downtown Dogs.
  • Villain(s): Downtown Dogs
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