Talk to the Animals is the fifteenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


Kevin and Krypto are flying all around town and performing tricks and as they dash around, Kevin accidentally loses his communicator which falls into the city of Metropolis somewhere, and now he can't understand what Krypto is saying to him.

Now it's up to Krypto, who can't communicate with his friend, to find the communicator. The problem is the communicator has fallen into the Metropolis zoo. As a person who once was heavily involved in art, I can understand why the animators have chosen not to include refernce to Kevin's communicator in every episode as it would be pretty tedious to do so, but "Talk to the Animals" cuts that which I considered a plot hole and makes it the focus of the episode, having the communicator fall into the hands of a zoo keeper who is being mistreated by the animals he takes care of. He discovers the communicator and puts it on, discovering he can now communicate with all the animals in his zoo, one of whom is a monkey who convinces him to let him free. The zookeeper does so and the monkey traps him in a cage and releases all the animals.

While Krypto is flying across the sky searching for the communicator, he discovers the animals are now on the loose and are basically running amok in Metropolis. It's up to Krypto and the zookeeper to put all of them back in their cages.



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