Voiced by Lee Tockar
Physical Information
Species Dog
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Guard Dog
Affiliation S.T.A.R. Labs

The Dog Star Patrol

Likes Stopping evil
Dislikes Mechanikat's evil tricks


First Appearance Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue

Stretch-O-Mutt is a hero introduced in season 2 and a protagonist in the series. He is a Retriever mix.


Buddy was a guard dog at S.T.A.R. Labs who accidentally fell into a vat of Experimental Elastic Solution and developed stretching powers similar to Plastic Man. He can sometimes be too silly for his own good. He once saved the Dog Star Stars spaceship from Mechanikat by morphing into the shapes of the members of the Dog Star Patrol.


Powers and Abilities

Elasticity: Due to falling into a vat of Experimental Elastic Solution, Buddy is made out of rubber and can stretch into various lengths and change shape. His rubber body can also resist deadly germs since they bounce off him.

  • Limb Extension: Because of Buddy's rubber body, he can stretch his limbs and body into various lengths.
  • Shape Shifting: Buddy can shape shift into various objects and take the appearance of others.
  • Voice Mimicry: As seen in certain episodes if turn into a certain character like Snooky or the Dog Stars he'll also have their voices.


  • Power Mimicry: Buddy does take the form of others, but he can't copy their powers.
  • Colored Appearance: His colors will stay exactly the same no matter what form he takes.
  • Memories: Buddy can't know the people's memories when he takes their form.
  • Technology: Buddy can only take form of living beings, he can't mimic the structures and details of machinery.


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