My Pet Boy is the tenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


While flying around the desert on a joyride, Krypto just wants to go home but Kevin keeps insisting they fly some more around the world despite him being tired. Receiving a distress signal from a baby cub in a tree, Krypto sets Kevin down on the ground to rescue it while Kevin marvels at the African scenery and stumbles upon a massive spaceship. He goes inside discovering the mechanism and stumbles upon its operations and discovers its run by a family of three giant alien dogs who are going home with tree samples from Earth. They accidentally take off with Kevin on board. After saving the cub and returning it to its mother, Krypto discovers the ship taking off but is too late to save Kevin.

Frightened, Kevin is discovered by the family and the pup, the son named Junior, wants to keep Kevin as a pet (giant alien dogs view humans as pets). Much to Kevin's chagrin, they take him home, against his will, to their planet and he has no way of getting home. The family of giant dogs feed Kevin with hamburgers and chocolate milk.

Confused, Krypto enlists the help of the Dog Stars to help find Kevin, Brainy Barker finds he's been taken to Canus Magnus, the planet of giant dogs. Kevin learns what it's like to be an animal when he's forced to run around and do tricks.

When Junior prepares to bath Kevin, Kevin is had enough of this and makes a run for it.

Krypto finally saves Kevin and starts making him do tricks to convince the family of dogs that he's his pet.



  • Bulldog does not show up in this episode.
  • This is the first time the Dog Stars were featured in an episode without Mechanikat.
  • This is Paw Pooch's first appearance. Just like Tusky, he does not speak either.
  • This is the first time Kevin has an encounter with the Dog Stars.
  • Tusky-Husky debuts in this episode though he does not speak.
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