Voiced by Mark Oliver
Physical Information
Species Cat
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Dog Star Patrol's archenemy
Likes Planning evil schemes
Dislikes His plans being foiled, Snooky's foul ups


First Appearance Meet the Dog Stars
Additional Appearances Numerous appearances

Mechanikat is the main antagonist in Krypto the Superdog. He is a cyborg cat who wants to conquer Earth and is an enemy of Krypto the Superdog and The Dog Star Patrol. He has also fought Streaky the Supercat, Ace the Bathound, and Stretch-O-Mutt. He once teamed up with Isis to capture Krypto and Ace the Bathound.



Mechanikat's origins are completely unclear. It's only known and implied that he was a normal cat who was once injured and was forced to wear mechanical limbs to survive, becoming a cyborg. While the circumstances of who left him injured are unknown, it's also known that he hated dogs, possibly because one could have been the one who injured him, starting to plan to conquer the Earth and eliminate every dog of the galaxy.

Krypto the Superdog

Season 1

Meet the Dog Stars

Feline Fatale

Dem Bones

Top Dog


  1. Meet the Dog Stars
  2. Feline Fatale
  3. Dem Bones
  4. Puss in Space Boots
  5. Bones of Contention
  6. The Good Life
  7. Streaky's Supercat Tale
  8. The New Recruit
  9. Puppy Problems
  10. Switching Sides
  11. Furry Fish
  12. Tusky's Tooth
  13. Mechani-Bot
  14. Growing Pains
  15. Andrea Finds Out
  16. Solar Specs
  17. Join the Club
  18. Face Time
  19. Catopia
  20. Robbie's Return
  21. Mechanikalamity


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