Leaf of Absence is forty episode.


In the suburbs a dog is crying to be let out and is let out of his house, anxious to be free and go to the bathroom but discovers the tree he uses to pee is gone, and every other tree on the block as well. All the dogs on the block are shocked to discover what has happened and begin howling and Krypto discovers the missing trees. As Krypto and Kevin lay in his tree house, Kevin sleeps as Krypto tries to discover what happened. Ace pays a visit explaining about the disappearing trees and that the weird disappearances are the cause of the new villain "Dogwood", who is a mix of both a tree and a dog. Ace explains he is spraying a toxin that gives trees the ability to think for themselves and walk off, and is leading them away from their homes. As Krypto and Ace go off investigating, the trees are coming to life, and Dogwood has sprayed Kevin's treehouse who awakes and begins to walk off. The trees don't have any direction and just want to go back home where they belong, despite Dogwood's anger.

Krypto and Ace, in the park, discover that all the trees are missing except one, a weeping willow who is... weeping because she can't leave since her roots are too deep and she's lonely. Krypto and Ace promise to bring the other trees back. As the trees begin getting frustrated at all the walking, Dogwood explains they can do what they want and command the humans. Unfortunately Kevin gets caught in the middle, and it's Krypto to the rescue, but he and Ace are attacked by the trees. Ace is caught by Dogwood as he commands the trees to attack Krypto, but Kevin asks why the trees aren't helping Ace instead. As they go to attack Kevin, his treehouse tree explains that they should listen to Kevin since he and his family have been so good to him, and they finally beat Dogwood.




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