Krypto the Superdog: Super Pets Unleashed is the second DVD release for Krypto the Superdog. It was released on October 24, 2006 in the United States.


Krypto may be cold as steel to the bad guys, but he’ll warm your heart with his loyalty to his proud owner Kevin and his new pals. He starts with the cat next door, to whom he teaches a valuable lesson about being a hero in The Streaky Story. Babies love Krypto too after a teleporter gets stuck in Melanie’s diaper and it’s up to Krypto to clean up the mess in Diaper Madness. It’s neighborly rescue time again when Streaky finds Mechanicat back on the prowl in Feline Fatale. Next, Kevin sees what it’s like to walk in Krypto’s paws when red Kryptonite switches their bodies in Dog-Gone Kevin. And Krypto teams up with Batman’s dog Ace as the two caped canines out-trick The Joker’s heinous hyenas in The Dark Hound Strikes!

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