Kevin Whitney
Kevin Whitney
Voiced by Alberto Ghisi
Physical Information
Species Caucasian Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Krypto's guardian
Location Metropolis
Family Eddie Whitney (father)

Mary Whitney (mother)
Melanie Whitney (sister)
Bailey (cousin)

Likes Helping Krypto, & Ace The Bathound (Sometimes) to fight & captures criminals.
Dislikes Illegal animal fighting gambling activities, Bailey's mistreatingly antics, Babysitting his little sister (Melanie Whitney)[sometimes], & gotten involved embarrassing predicaments.


First Appearance Krypto's Scrypto
Additional Appearances Numerous appearances

Kevin Whitney and his family moved to Metropolis and Krypto finds him after his rocket crashes. Kevin wears a translator in his ear so he can communicate with animals.

Kevin sometimes accompanies Krypto and even his friends on crime fighting missions.





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