Kevin Whitney
Kevin Whitney
Voiced by Alberto Ghisi
Physical Information
Species Caucasian Human
Breed Irish-American
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Krypto's guardian
Location Metropolis
Family Eddie Whitney (father)

Mary Whitney (mother)
Melanie Whitney (sister)
Bailey (cousin)

Likes Helping Krypto, & Ace The Bathound (Sometimes) to fight & captures criminals.
Dislikes Illegal animal fighting gambling activities, Bailey's mistreatingly antics, Babysitting his little sister (Melanie Whitney)[sometimes], & gotten involved embarrassing predicaments.


First Appearance Krypto's Scrypto
Additional Appearances Numerous appearances

Kevin Whitney and his family moved to Metropolis and Krypto finds him after his rocket crashes. Kevin wears a translator in his ear so he can communicate with animals.

Kevin sometimes accompanies Krypto and even his friends on crime fighting missions.





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