Voiced by Kathleen Barr
Physical Information
Species Cat
Breed Siamese
Gender Female
Personal Information
Occupation Jewel Thief
Affiliation Mechanikat
Likes Jewels
Dislikes Being stopped


First Appearance Bat Hound's Bad Luck
Additional Appearances The Cat and the Bat
Stray for a Day
Pied Pussycat Piper
Robbie's Return

Isis is a villain character in Krypto the Superdog


She is Catwoman's pet cat and is a enemy of Ace the Bathound and Krypto the Superdog. She's also fought Streaky, Jimmy the Rat, and Robbie the Bird Wonder. She once teamed with Bud and Lou and Mechanikat. It seems Isis and Ace have the same "relationship" as their owners.


  1. Bat Hound's Bad Luck
  2. The Cat and the Bat
  3. Stray for a Day
  4. Pied Pussycat Piper
  5. Robbie's Return


Bat Hound's Bad Luck

The Cat and the Bat

Stray for a Day


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