Ellen Kennedy started to work in the animation voice-over industry in the early nineties. Since then, her voice has been featured in dozens of series, both as recurring characters and as guest star. She portrayed Brainy Barker on Krypto the Superdog. Ellen can also be heard as Mrs. Ptertanodon in Dinosaur Train (PBS), Kiki & Finn in Dragon Tales (PBS), Saffron and Haley in What About Mimi? (Teletoon), Micha in Transformers Energon (YTV), and Marsha in The Cramp Twins (YTV).

Ellen also played Queen Genevieve in the Mattel DVD, Barbie in “The Princess and the Pauper”, and Large Lipped Fish in Barbie, A Mermaid’s Tale. Other favorite roles include Kyoko Otanashi in the anime series Maison Ikkoku, Zuma in Shadow Raiders and Grandma Nutt in the DVD Candyland.


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