Dogbot is the thirteenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


At Kevin's house, Krypto is sulking because Kevin is going away to camp with his family, and when he's about to leave, goes to Krypto's ship to get a toy he was missing, accidentally revealing yet another surprise in the ship releasing a small robot dog. The robot dog which was a playmate for Krypto when he was a puppy, emerges and is triggered to play with Krypto. The problem is Krypto can't get him off his back as the robot dog follows him around everywhere. Frustrated, Krypto tries to explain that Kevin is his new playmate now, which automatically triggers something in the dogbot and it gets angry, seeing Kevin as a rival. Krypto suddenly hears from a distance a truck swerving on the highway and goes to the rescue leaving Kevin behind with the dogbot. As the truck is about to crash, Krypto comes to the rescue, and dogbot follows insisting that they play and drops the truck over the bridge as Krypto barely keeps it from crashing.

Krypto and Kevin seek a way to get rid of dogbot and pretend to play hide and seek but when they leave dogbot behind, he follows them and ends up kidnapping Kevin. Surprised, Krypto searches for Kevin as he gets trapped in a cave as it begins to collapse, Krypto scrambles to get to him, trying to find his way around dogbot's programming.


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