Diaper Madness is the sixth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


Kevin has to babysit his little sister while his mom goes to a protest in downtown Metropolis to protest the construction of a new building headed by Lex Luthor. Far away in STAR Labs, a bunch of scientists have created a teleportation ray. A bunch of lab rats are released from their cages, creating havoc in the lab. A loose rat steps on the handheld ray and accidentally warps into the countryside near Kevin's house. The rat appears on Kevin's doorstep with the teleportation ray, and Kevin begins playing with it, zapping back and forth testing its various uses. Ending up zapping into the sky, the laser falls out of Kevin's hands and lands in Melanie's diaper. Things immediately go awry when she begins zapping in different places high and low, while Kevin and Krypto struggle to keep her from getting them into trouble.

Kevin and Krypto race around town to keep Melanie from getting herself hurt as she teleports from high trees, to tops of buses and into trucks, warps into the grouchy next door neighbor's house while he's attempting to get some sleep and ends up teleporting him atop the roof i where he crashes into a big flower bush much to the horror of his wife. Kevin and Melanie end up teleporting atop the Daily Planet where they almost slide off. In a weird twist of fate, Lex's building construction is teleported into the water, but Krypto and Kevin decide it best to keep the ray safe and hand it over to Superman.



  • Lex Luthor appears in this episode along with Lois Lane.
  • This episode also marks the first use of Krypto's "Ruff, ruff, and away!" catchphrase in the series.
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