Dem Bones is the eleventh episode from the first season of Krypto the Superdog.


Out at the Metropolis dog park while the owners and dogs play, Krypto and Streaky watch the activity while Streaky complains that cats don't get the same treatment as dogs with their own park. Flying around town Krypto saves a group of dogs as Streaky watches on cowardly and the two discover the dogs acting like ducks and birds. Confused, they go around town and discover it isn't an isolated incident and that all the dogs are acting like other animals. Stumped they begin discovering the dogs all ate the popular Doggy Yum Yum Bones dog treats and head over to the factory. The doggy yum yum bones factory are producing funny bones being doused by none other than Snooky Wookums. He's dousing the bones with chemicals to make the dogs act funny. Krypto and Streaky stumble upon him and put a stop to his operation. While stopping him, Snooky Wookums falls into a mixing vat and Krypto interrogates him discovering Mekanikat wanted him to spray the bones to make all the dogs in Metropolis helpless, especially the ones in STAR Labs. Before Krypto and Streaky can fly off, it's too late as Mekanikat rushes through STAR Labs looking for gems, but before Krypto can stop him, we discover he's really after Kryptonite and catches him off-guard. Streaky decides to take it upon himself to save Krypto and uses dogs who think they're mice to attack Mekanikat and save him before it's too late.


  • This is the first time Kryptonite is used in the show.


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