Circus of the Dog Stars is the twenty fourth episode.


Flying in space, Streaky and Krypto marvel at all the stars, accidentally stumblng upon a space circus where aliens are walking around and playing games. Streaky loves it, but Krypto immediately thinks something is not right when he's surprised to see Tusky Husky being the subject of a game having balloons thrown at his face. Krypto and Streaky watch the circus and are surprised to see that Krypto was right and the entire Dog Stars are the subject of the circus acts and wonders what they're doing performing tricks and doing stunts. Things get weirder when Krypto sees Hotdog working as a chef but Hotdog doesn't remember Krypto at all. Krypto discovers the Dog Stars have been possessed and are under the control of Snooky Wookums, and are being used as performers to make money under the control of special collars. Things get worse when Streaky is tricked by Snooky and is taken under her control as well. Krypto is trapped by the mind controlled Dog Stars and Streaky, and fights them all off, removing their collars and finally captures Snooky.


  • Villain(s): Snooky Wookums, Circus Manager
  • This is the first time all of the dog stars are in an episode.
  • Tusky Husky finally speaks in this episode. His voice has a French-Canadian accent.
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