Bones of Contention is thirty first episode.


Up in the "Dog Stars" spaceship, Hotdog trains in the ship's obstacle course being sprayed by mega-hoses and testing his flaming abilities, as brainy dog looks on challenging him. Meanwhile Krypto and the other Dog Stars watch the galaxy for crimes, and are suddenly greeted by a package. The huge package is from an ambassador and when they open it they discover a lot of squeaky toys.

Oddly enough, while chewing the squeaky toys they suddenly begin getting competitive and start to fight with one another. It's revealed the delivery dog that delivered the toys was Snooky Wookums in disguise. He's planned an evil scheme, with the squeaky toys making the dogs fight and snap with one another. They continue becoming more and more competitive and angry at one another and part ways. Mekanikat breaks in to the ship and tries to take over. He's spots Hot Dog who flies off to Earth to find the others. Streaky shows up ask to Krypto if he wants to stop by the pet, but Krypto snaps at him angrily scaring him away. Hotdog takes away Krypto's bone and melts it, snapping him out of the funk, and explains that the bones are making them all cranky and now they must gather the remaining members of the Dog Stars taking away their bones one by one and finally reclaim their ship. Mechanikat and Snooky transport away (with Mechanikat informing Snooky of his punishment). Hot Dog is rewarded with a giant hot dog


  • Villain(s): Mechanikat, Snooky Wookums
  • This is the first time an episode focused around one of the Dog Stars. The focus is on Hot Dog.
  • The doorbell heard in this episode delivers the same tone heard in The Jetsons.
  • A "bone of contention" is a disputed point in an argument that hasn't been settled. It is a metaphor based on the idea of two animals (such as dogs) fighting for possession of a bone. Here, its use as an episode title serves both as a reference to the hostile feelings between Krypto and the Dog Stars generated by the squeaky toys and as a pun on the phrase itself, since not only are there (toy) bones featured in the episode, but bones are often associated with dogs in general.
  • The fake squeaky bone Krypto was chewing on contained Kryptonite.


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