Bat Hound for a Day is the twelfth episode of Krypto the Superdog.


In Metropolis, police coming back from a robbery in a jewelry store are dumbfounded to discover they can't figure out how the robber entered the store to steal the jewelry inside. Krypto watches from above wondering who could have done it, and meets with Bat Hound who explains that none other than Batman villain, The Penguin, had his birds break in to the store. Meanwhile on the other side of town, the birds commit another robbery, and Bat Hound and Krypto take off to catch them in the act. The Penguin's pet birds, two penguins, and a funny surfer dude vulture clean out a stash in a safe and raid the Natural History Museum in Metropolis grabbing gems by the bag full. A battle begins as Bat Hound and Krypto begin fighting the birds and, Krypto chases the vulture through the museum, while Bat Hound fights the leader and is put out of commission, Krypto is taken down by red kryptonite which unfortunately happens come out of the bags. Krypto now loses his powers and Bat Hound comes to the rescue re-training him to learn his methods for crime-fighting.

The Penguin's birds break into a rich woman's mansion stealing more jewels and now it's up to Krypto and Bat Hound to go after them, but things take a turn for the worse when Krypto, who doesn't have a real handle on his gizmos, accidentally gets Bat Hound caught. Streaky can't help Krypto because it's photo night with humans. He indirectly gives Kryptoa tip on the birds hideout. Krypto inevitably improvises with what he has and defeats the birds and gets his powers back in the end, and Krypto learns what Bat Hound does day in and day out.



  • Streaky has a speaking cameo in this adventure, but doesn't take part in any of the action (though he DOES provide Krypto with a valuable clue with whick to track down the Penguin's birds).
  • Villain(s): Artie, Griff & Waddles
  • RK effect: loses powers
  • The Penguin's trained pet birds are introduced. They are Artie the Puffin, Griff the Vulture, and Waddles the Penguin.
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