Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars is the forty second episode of Krypto the Superdog.


This time around Bat Hound meets the Dog Stars, two allies of Krypto meeting for the first time ever in the series, and as always things don't always go over too well. While repairing their star ship, Krypto introduces Bat Hound to the gang and he quickly feels dwarfed by them as they begin mocking him for not having big powers like they do. But when Hotdog is kidnapped by a mysterious figure in the middle of the night, Bat Hound is quickly on the case, not because he wants to, but because, it's his job. Instantly, Bull Dog begin to feel bad about mocking him as he displays an innate sense of mental power, catching clues the Dog Stars missed. Hot on the trail for Hotdog, Bat Hound is followed by Bulldog, who finds himself very impressed by Bat Hound's gadgets and sense of skill. Bat Hound and Bulldog go on the trail for Hotdog as the group begins scouring the area. Bathound finds a hairball left by Snooky Wookums, but Bull Dog and Krypto get rid of it before it explodes. Bathound and Bull Dog go inside Snooky's invisible ship and they find him draining Hot Dog's energy. Bat Hound and Bulldog do battle with him, but Bulldog finds that Bat Hound's lack of powers and strong mental abilities save them yet again as they give him the run around until Krypto intervenes helping them. In the end as Hotdog is returned home, and Bat Hound becomes accepted proving his worth, Bat Hound and the Dog Stars discover that superpowers are not always needed when you have brains and courage.



  • This is the first time Ace has met Snooky.
  • Ace meets the Dog Stars for the first time.
  • Ace becomes a member of the Dog Star Patrol.
  • This is the first DC based show (unless you count Teen Titans reruns) that has a premiere on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
  • Villain(s): Snooky Wookums
  • This episode is the second time all of the Dog Stars appear.
  • This is the third time a member of the Dog Stars has been featured in a episode. This time it is Bull Dog.
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